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Get in shape without leaving home: professional trainers open RAIN Fitness Club in Dubai

November 1, 2023
In the UAE you can now do fitness in a new format. For those who want to train under the supervision of a specialist, the RAIN Fitness Club fitness project has been started. This is not a specific place, but a team of professionals who conduct personal training where it is comfortable and convenient for the client. Trainers are ready to go for personal training or a mini-group lesson of up to 4 people anywhere in Dubai.

RAIN Fitness Club clients have access to functional personal training and mini-group classes, children’s training, stretching, yoga, swimming, camps, tracking, as well as professional fitness testing. In the near future, RAIN Fitness Club will launch sports travel programs. A personal program for each client is compiled by trainers based on fitness diagnostics and consultation with a certified osteopathic specialist, who can also conduct an individual consultation.

RAIN Fitness Club takes a multifaceted approach to training. The program is developed taking into account the request and results of fitness testing of each client using new German medical-grade diagnostic equipment. It allows you to obtain detailed information about the state of health and individual indicators of a person. The data obtained is characterized by high accuracy rates, and the trainers carry out diagnostics on site, at the client’s premises.

The founder of the project is a professional track and field athlete, a coach and a specialist in physical culture and nutrition Sergei Muratov. According to Sergei, the main difference of the new project is that the client’s level of training does not matter, the main thing is the desire to stay in shape and strengthen your body with regular, feasible and useful exercises.

“Our goal is to make fitness a lifestyle. I myself often shoot and publish videos where I play football, volleyball and the increasingly popular padel. I broadcast a super active lifestyle to the outside world, but not like a biorobot. Our task is to increase the physical strength of each person according to his capabilities. A person should not have fears or barriers to come, trust and train with us. Please move, enjoy the movement, live freely and fully” says Sergei Muratov.

Sergei himself came to the sport quite late. During this time, he achieved serious achievements: he became the Candidate Master of Sports in athletics, the winner and prize-winner of the Moscow championships in athletics at distances of 400 m, 800 m and 1500 m, a finalist in the Russian relay championships and a participant in the All-Russian Universiade among students in Khanty-Mansiysk. He graduated from the university with a degree in physical education, and later received additional education in nutrition. Therefore, Sergey Muratov and his team are ready to prove by personal example and experience that each of his clients can be stronger than they are now.

Recruitment for trekking trips for groups will start soon. As part of such events, it is possible to find like-minded people, and at the same time enjoy the landscape of Ras al-Khaimah, winter Oman, spring Marrakesh and South Africa. Also, from May, trekking will take place throughout Europe.
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